Someone Just Invented Clear Coffee… It Sounds Interesting But Would You Try It?

The brothers wouldn’t reveal how they made the clear coffee but mysteriously admitted that they are using “methods which have never been used before” and that it involves physical processing, with no chemicals used.

Clear Coffee is free of preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers, sugar or any other sweeteners,” the two further claimed.

The ingredients listed on the drink don’t say much about the coffee’s secrets either. CLR CFF supposedly made from high quality roasted Arabica coffee beans and pure water. Nothing else.

Photo credit: CLR CFF / Buzz Feed

Served chilled, the coffee drink supposedly tastes like cold brewed coffee even if the color is different.

Now billed as the world’s first colourless coffee, CLR CFF has certainly gotten the internet’s attention — even if a pack of 2 retails at $10. The brothers revealed that there is a 4-week waiting period for deliveries are they are now swamped with orders.

Photo credit: CLR CFF / Buzz Feed

This coffee sounds quite interesting but would try it? Well, you’ve got to be living in the UK or the US to get a taste of this new drink. But who knows? Maybe it will hit the international market once the brothers find a way to mass-produce their concoction!

Source: BuzzFeed, Stuff NZ

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