Someone Put Eyeglasses on the Floor of an Art Gallery. And This Happens…

A lot of people who go to art galleries and exhibits actually have no idea about art but just go there to have fun or to check out the new or weird stuff they can find there. That’s entirely alright with us, of course, since it would always do the brain some good to be exercised.

There are, however, also some people who go to these exhibits to show off – or so non-art-enthusiasts think. TJ Khayatan is among those belonging to the latter group.

He and his friends visited a local art gallery in Australia but although they genuinely enjoyed most of the art displays, there was one that actually stumped them.

An exhibit piece featuring a stuffed animal on a gray blanket was quite popular among the visitors yet Khayatan and his friends just could not understand what was so special about the piece. So, just to test the other visitors, the pranksters placed a random pair of eyeglasses on the floor of that art gallery and waited.

Photo credit: TJ Khayatan/News AU
Photo credit: TJ Khayatan/News AU

Within minutes, puzzled art lovers were fawning over the group’s ‘exhibit’. One of them even took close-up shots of the latest addition to the art gallery. LOL.

Photo credit: TJ Khayatan/News AU
Photo credit: TJ Khayatan/News AU

Khayatan posted snapshots of the unexpected reaction to their ‘exhibit’ – and this quickly went viral on Twitter.

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News AU

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