Sometimes it Pays to be Paranoid. Guy Discovers ATM Scam While on Vacation. BEWARE OF THIS!

Traveling is a popular tradition for many people in the world. Traveling reduces stress, anxiety; and it somehow makes you forget your worries, even for a short period of time. But the season also often brings worries — you have to make sure of the necessary things to make your travel stress-free: like having available cash and/or money in you bank account, this also brings potential problem if you think of credit card fraud or identity theft that’s why it pays to have some security awareness.

Sometimes, it pays to be paranoid, even just for once. Why? Take this instance, it helped one guy in Vienna avoid having his ATM card info stolen by cyber thieves. In this YouTube video, YouTube user Ben Tedesco, who claims to work in cybersecurity, spotted an ATM skimming device while in Vienna, Austria.

In the video’s description it says, “While on vacation with my family in Vienna, Austria I went to grab some cash from an ATM, being security paranoid I went and repeated my typical habit of checking the card reader as I have 100’s of times. Today’s the day when my security awareness paid off!”

It all started when he spotted a little glue on the edges of the card reader, and he was able to remove it, only to make a disturbing discovery— that the “reader” actually comes right off. The card would have gone through two readers otherwise. And if ever your card comes into contact with the fake reader, BOOM, your account is now available for the thieves to see. Scary, isn’t it?

In the video description, he’s since claimed that he notified the police, which is probably the best course of action here. You can see his post on YouTube here.

Beware of this guys! Share this info with your friends and loved ones for their safety, too!

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