South Korean Fitness Coach Captures Fans’ Hearts with His Mukbang (Eating) Videos

We all love seeing beautiful faces and amazing bodies to be inspired to work out and go on a diet in hopes of achieving their body as well. Now, you might want to consider checking this guy out and let this be your next fitness inspiration.

South Korean model, fitness coach, and bodybuilder Ryu JaeHon captured the hearts of many ladies with his pretty face and amazing body.

He competes and has won many competitions, including the WBFF Muscle Model Pro and the NABBA WFF Classic Model Pro.

Image: 1st986_ryu via Instagram

He took the first spot in the 2018 NABBA WFF Asia Open Championship “Pro League” and “Classic Model” categories and became first at the 2018 Asia Grand Pix.

In 2015, he won his first body build competition and returned after 2-year hiatus to take the crown again.

Image: 1st986_ryu via Instagram

No wonder, Ryu gained over 47,000 on his Instagram account. He typically flaunts his body but he also films himself making videos while eating.

Screengrab: 1st986_ryu via Instagram

Mukbang is a viral term in South Korea wherein people would record themselves eating large amounts of food while interacting with the audience.

Ryu is happily married and has a beautiful daughter. Sorry ladies, but we can still look from afar.

Image: 1st986_ryu via Instagram

We can never blame why people follow Ryu’s Instagram, not only does he look good when eating, he also shows that you can still enjoy eating and have a good body as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise daily.