‘Spiderman’ Cosplayer Falls to His ***** While Taking Selfies

Lee Yang Hao, a 29-year-old cosplayer student from Malaysia, fell to his ***** in Taipei while, allegedly, taking selfies donning a Spiderman costume.

A student of Da-Yeh University in the county of Changhua in Taiwan, Lee was found near the dormitory building unconscious by another university student who notified the police and the university administration. However, Lee was already **** by the time police reached the scene of the accident.

Police believe that Lee was taking selfies on the balcony when he fell and his cellphone was found on the balcony of the fifth floor. A classmate said that Lee was wearing the said Spiderman costume in a class and a roommate, who was not identified, said that Lee told him that he was going to take photos outside before the incident happened.

Image from Pixabay

An avid cosplayer, Lee started dressing up in a Spiderman costume when he started his studies in Taiwan where he also joined ‘Zhu Zhu Tuan’ a cosplay group particularly interested with the web-slinging superhero.

The youngest of five siblings, Lee also took a part-time job in Taipei to support his studies. He is also into football and loves the color red, which would also explain his love for Spiderman.