Spooky Photo of Girl in Bus Scares Mother So Much She Stopped Daughter from Joining Field Trip

If you see something ‘copying’ your kids during the trip, would you still push through or would you cancel the trip and hurry back home?

One mom got so scared by the spooky photo of her daughter inside the bus that she stopped the child from joining the field trip!

ER de Peralta was set to accompany his daughter, Venice, for a field trip. It was still very early; thus, ER went outside the bus to vape. While outside, he took a photo of Venice peering outside the window, with her hands pressed on the glass as she watched her dad.

Photo credit: Vanessa de Peralta / Facebook

To chronicle the trip, ER then shared it to his wife, Vanessa de Peralta; however, the latter saw some really spooky things in the photos.

On the window of the bus to left of Venice is another girl, looking very much like her and making a sign – similar to the Y sign or ‘call me’ sign. Moreover, there’s another figure with rather thick hair hovering over Venice, but it also looked like it was copying the girl!

Feeling creeped out by the spooky images in the photos, Vanessa decided not to let her husband and daughter attend the field trip. They have paid for the trip, but that didn’t matter because she wanted her family to be safe.

Excited pa naman ang anak kong si Venice para sa fieldtrip nila kasama daddy niya. Pero agad ko silang pinabalik ng bahay pagkakita ko sa picture na to.

Assembly time na yan ng lumabas ng bus si ER para mag vape. Pinicturan niya si Venice tapos sinend niya sakin sa messenger. Tinawagan ko siya agad sabe ko sino si Venice sa pic. Dalawang Venice ung nasa pic. Magkaiba ng pwesto. Sabe niya ha anong pinagsasabe mo. Chineck ni ER ung sinend nya at agad nyang binalikan si Venice sa loob para umuwi na sila. Yung totoong pwesto ni Venice ayung nakahawak dalawang kamay sa bintana. Yung nasa gilid na naka 🤙 na kamay at nakangisi, hindi si Venice un. Walang bata na nakaupo dun. Bakante. Meron din parang makapal na buhok sa likod nung totoong Venice.

Photo credit: Vanessa de Peralta / Facebook

Lord, protect mo po lahat ng kasama sa fieldtrip nila. Hindi ko na pinasama mag ama ko sa takot ko. Ewan ko pero ngayon lang ako nakaranas ng buong katawan ko nangilabot.


She believes she made the best choice for her daughter, but netizens think she might have overreacting. Still, she knows it was best to be safe than sorry…

Kawawa naman si Venice. Yung field trip nagging failed trip,” one netizen wrote.

Photo credit: Vanessa de Peralta / Facebook

Other netizens think ER edited the photos and the couple are just seeking attention; however, that’s just too much for people to think, considering they paid for the trip and their daughter was so excited to go! They simply didn’t want to go as they feared something bad might happen.

Some netizens think the story was fake and that ER and Venice still went on the trip, but a parent on the same trip confirmed that though the trip pushed through, the two chose to go home. Thankfully, nothing untoward happened to the others in the trip and they made it home without encountering any problems.

Photo credit: Vanessa de Peralta / Facebook

If you also took similar photos of your family, would you still let them join the field trip?

Source: Admin Chai Spookify / Facebook