Even the Best Athletes are Not Exempted from Experiencing Mishaps. Here are Some of the Best Sports’ Fails Caught on Camera!

Sports is serious business especially for Olympic athletes. Olympic athletes are the best among the best.  They are at the top of the game after years of practice and dedication to the sport they love. They are the few chosen ones who have perfected their chosen sport having labored tirelessly for years to prepare their bodies for the grandest of stages.

This is also true for every athlete in every sport who exert their 101% effort in their games. Athletes and competitors of every sport work their heart out and practice very hard to become great in their chosen sport. Some would even put their bodies on the line all for the sake of fame and glory. Each sport also carries with it a risk that each participant is fully aware of. They know there is danger in their line of work, but they still do it anyway.

Despite long hours and long days spent training, athletes will always encounter occasional errors.  Yes, even those who have ‘perfected’ the sport they love tend to make mistakes sometimes, because we are all human. Nobody is perfect after all.

Below are some of the sporting fails ever caught on camera in all their looping glory. There isn’t more that we can say, let the cringe games begin. (But be warned that there are some painful injuries that can be seen in the video.)

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