Sports Gym Collapses During a Floorball Match. Luckily, Everyone was Able to Evacuate!

The steel beams of a sports gym in Česká Třebová, Czech Republic gradually collapsed during a floorball game and it was captured on video. [Floorball is a variant of floor hockey it is quite popular in Europe.]

The gym surveillance video was recording what seems to be another normal game when suddenly everyone was running towards the exit.

At first you won’t understand why but the video suddenly shows the steel ceiling of the gym inch by inch going down until it totally collapsed. Luckily, the ceiling did not collapse in one moment so the people were able to escape; it was reported that no one was hurt in the incident.

The governor of the region, Martin Netolický issued a statement in Facebook and blamed the ‘sloppy’ construction of the gym and the 15 inches of snow as the reasons for the collapse. He also thanked the game’s referee for the quick decision to make everyone evacuate immediately.

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