Stage 4 ****** Patient Wins $1.5M Jackpot, Retires to Recover

A Canadian woman who struggled to pay off her ****** treatment has lucked out a substantial lottery win.

Newfoundland’s Diane Bishop is going to retire with $1.5 million and focus on her treatment and recovery from battling Stage 4 breast ****** since April of 2016.

Having made news in the province last October, people have been raising funds to help.

Image capture of video via The Female’s YouTube Account

Diane bought the lucky ticket at a convenience store where she works and owns as a franchisee.

She said she ‘doesn’t know why she bought it’ and just purchased it on a whim.

She has since used the winnings to buy herself a recliner and a new bed, which is helping her ease her discomfort and pain that comes with her illness.

Image capture of video via The Female’s YouTube Account

This money wasn’t about going out and buying a new house or taking trips,” Bishop told CBC News. “This was about survival. I can survive now, and my kids can survive.

She plans to take part in promising clinical trials for a new ****** treatment as well as pay off hers and her son’s mortgage.

On top of her newfound financial freedom, her doctors say that Diane is now responding very well to her chemotherapy. The cancerous tumors, that before were not responding to treatment, began shrinking in size.

Image capture of video via The Female’s YouTube Account

These two miracles are the power of prayer,” Bishop said, “I know the ****** is incurable but I can now turn my attention to fighting it full time.

Ms Bishop also intends to donate some of her earning to a facility that houses ****** patients who travel to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador’s capital, for medical care.

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