Stay in Shape and Work Harder — 8 Ways to Achieve Your #BodyGoals While in the Office

If you want to be wealthy, you need to be healthy. That’s another way of saying health is wealth. No need to explain what it means since most people work hard to buy that dream house, send their kids to school, and secure the future of their family. But they cannot do all of that if taking care of themselves is the least of their priorities.

However, lucky are those who still have time to go the gym and those who have time to prepare and cook healthy meals. Some rarely visit a doctor for a check-up even if there is already a pressing need for one.

So, here are eight ways on how to stay healthy while working at the office without diverting from a hectic schedule. These things are fairly easy to do and integrate into daily office routines.

  1. Choose your food wisely

Cafeteria food is not really something that we can consider to be healthy and tasty, at the same time, It’s the same thing with food choices from the fast food, convenience store, or even those inside the vending machines. If there’s really no other option, just take everything in moderation and learn to exercise self-control. Eat a filling and complete breakfast and try to avoid greasy food for lunch. For snacks, take fruits or healthy smoothies.

Also, do not eat while working or work while eating. There is a tendency to eat more since your attention is on your work.

  1. Water, water, water

And more water. Needless to say, water is important to stay hydrated and active even if you’re tied to your office chair. Dehydration can cause drowsiness, so if you’re feeling drowsy, it might not be because the accounting book is not balanced, or the report you’re reading is going haywire. Perhaps, you just need your glass of water. Eating fruits containing water is a good way to beat hunger pangs and stay hydrated.

  1. Caffeine should be limited

Coffee maker and coffee vending machine are almost as important as a photocopying machine in an office. People often joke that coffee already runs in their veins and having none will stop their entire system. Caffeine gives a sudden jolt of energy and keeps you awake. However, excessive caffeine intake has negative effects on the body and might keep you from sleeping well so take your caffeine fix in moderation. Also, creamer and sugar also pack you with calories so try to limit these, as well.

  1. Do not forget about proper posture even while seated

Some office workers wonder why they felt so tired at the end of the day when they’re just seated while working the whole day. They complain of back pains and neck strains which are often caused by improper body posture while sitting. Make sure also that your office chair is at the right height so that you’re not straining your neck while staring at the computer screen and your shoulders are not slumped while you’re typing.

  1. Taking a break from work is a good thing.

Some think that working non-stop during the day will make them more productive and qualified for that Employee of the Year award. Not really.  Taking frequent, short breaks at work is like closing all the running apps on your smartphones. It clears the memory and refreshes the system. Need I say more?

  1. Keep everything in order

As much as possible, clear your workstation at the end of the workday. Keep your files together, throw away unusable papers, tissues, take out containers, and candy wrappers. Do not leave your mugs and utensils unwashed overnight. After washing them, keep in a clean, dry area.

  1. Mind your hygiene

Keep sanitizer or alcohol nearby. Keeping your hands and other equipment sanitized goes a long way if we’re talking about health. Most office equipment is for everyone’s use so instead of sanitizing everything or restricting your co-workers from using your things (which are not really yours, unless you bought it yourself), just keep yourself clean and your hands sanitized at all times.

  1. Don’t let stress get the better of you

Most diseases are brought by stress. It can weigh you down, make you sick, and prevent you from being productive. Spend time with your loved ones as soon as you get home. If it’s possible, do not bring your work home, unless of course, you’re allowed to work at home and not to report to the office anymore. Do things that relax you such as watching movies, reading books, exercise, or pampering yourself.

These are just simple things but doing these can be a good start of something that you consciously do, in order to keep yourself healthy and stay in shape while working.


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