Stepdad Spent Money He Saved for Dream Car to Marry Her Mom. Watch What this Grateful Stepdaughter Did Afterwards…

Dave had spent a good number of years working hard to restore his dream car, a 1973 Porsche 914, but he fell in love and decided to spend his savings on the wedding instead of using it on the vehicle. Many of the car’s parts were eventually sold and only a few items were left with the family, literally collecting dust in their attic.

His wife’s daughter, Kristin Russell, now a captain in the Air Force, spent years finding the same car model to gift him.

According to Kristin, though Dave wasn’t her biological father, he acted like one – spending time with her playing with Barbies, attending all karate tournaments, coaching all softball teams, and simply being there for her as her father; thus, she wanted to repay him for his goodness with something that she knew he would absolutely love.

After years of tracking down Dave’s dream car, she finally found it! She bought the vehicle and had it restored. Then, just in time for Father’s Day, she had it delivered at Dave’s doorstep.

Watch this wonderful stepdad’s reaction upon realizing that the beautiful car parked outside his home is actually his:

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