Store in Chicago Allegedly Sells T-Shirts Printed with “Corazon Aquino. Saint of Democracy.”

‘Dutertards’ (the term used by critics for the supporters of Philippine Pres. Rodrigo Duterte) are often accused of worshiping the president and revering him like some saint or demigod but someone pointed out that the decent people of the ‘Silent Majority’ are worshipping their own saints and demigods in the form of former President Benigno Aquino III and his mother, former President Corazon Aquino.

But while ‘Saint Duterte’ remains a joke and a meme on social media, it seems that someone had taken the ‘Saint Cory’ quite literally – and printed t-shirts which are now, allegedly, being sold at Seafood City in Chicago, USA. [Seafood City is a Pinoy supermarket chain in the US.]

In a post on Facebook page Community Newswatch PH wrote:

Photo credit: Community Newswatch PH / Facebook


This shirts were seen being sold in Seafood City, Chicago, USA. It seemed there is a well-orchestrated plan to oust President Duterte by making people fall into the call of Cory as Saint of Democracy and eventually ask the people’s support to join Anti-Marcos Rally but the real issue is to remove President Duterte and ask VP Leni Robredo to replace and lead the country.

It is very clear the office of the vice president is engaged in an activity for any ouster plot against President Duterte.




Photo Credit to owner

What do you think of the ‘Saint Cory’ shirts?