‘Straight’ Guys Dress Up in Rainbow Suits to Surprise Their Gay Best Friends at Wedding

They are all ‘straight’ and married to ladies but when their gay best friends got married, a group of guys decided to show their support and love by wearing rainbow suits to the wedding.

Chris Nelson of North Stonington, Connecticut, shared on Love What Matters that he had the idea of wearing rainbow suits for their first gay event as friends but he wasn’t sure if the others would agree. He was surprised at the other guys’ collective response.

Admittedly when I emailed the group I thought I’d get a few on board and maybe have to negotiate with a few others or find alternates if someone said no. However, to my surprise everyone was immediately in. The only debate was over who got to wear which colors,” he revealed.

Photo credit: Nathan Ramirez Photography

As we drew nearer to their wedding date it became harder to keep it a secret but we really wanted it to be a surprise for the grooms, and if you knew our group keeping secrets is just about impossible.

This became even more difficult once our suits began arriving in the mail and our wives saw them. But everyone was up to the task as we all wanted this to be an overwhelming success for Ted and John’s wedding.

But how would they arrive at the wedding without giving away their secret prematurely? Surely, just one look at a friend wearing a brightly colored suit, the grooms would know and the secret will be out.

Photo credit: Nathan Ramirez Photography

So, the friends thought of meeting up at a nearby bar but they were soon hounded by folks who wanted to have photos taken with the guys in rainbow suits. Oooops. It turned out their choice of meeting place wasn’t also the perfect one as someone in the wedding party, or worse the grooms, might see them soon.

Photo credit: Nathan Ramirez Photography

Thankfully, the secret didn’t leak too fast. The guys were able to arrive at the party and make a grand entrance in full ROYGBIV rainbow formation, much to the surprise and delight of the grooms!

Our primary goal in all of this was to come up with a completely unique tribute to Ted and John whom we all love, while also not stealing all of the thunder of the wedding party which we were not a part of. I think we nailed the first half, not so sure about the second (sorry Ted and John’s wedding party),” Chris wrote.

Photo credit: Nathan Ramirez Photography

Lucille, John’s mother, ran to them and gave them a hug, saying, “What a wonderful showing of love and support, and I can’t believe not one of you is gay!” Cute!

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