Strange Photo of Dog Breaks the Internet, Gets Netizens Laughing after Figuring Out the Image

In this day of social media and smartphones, there are just some photos that pop up on the internet and leave netizens stumped. Remember the black and blue dress? Or the photo of the woman whose reflection the glass behind her actually looks at the camera, too?

Recently, a strange photo of a dog has broken the internet, with people trying hard to figure out what’s happening and why this weird creature even existed! At first glance, some people thought the dog suffered through much ***** that it ended up looking this way but the harder you look, you will eventually realize the truth.

And just like many netizens who figured out the image, you will surely end up laughing and question why you thought the photo was weird in the first place. Are we right? LOL.

First, check out this photo and tell us your first reaction when you saw it:

Photo credit: Reddit user @chadwalk / CGTN – Facebook

🐶 What the dog looks like? 🤔

Pictures like the black and blue dress and white and pink shoes took the Internet by storm just because sometimes people are difficult to figure out the color. Here, another confused picture featuring a dog’s head shared on Reddit has gained popularity. At first glance, the image could look weird, not until the viewer turning the picture to the side. Have a try!

(Photo credit: Reddit user @chadwalk)

Some netizens commented on the post on Facebook page CGTN that posted the photo, saying they really had a hard time figuring out the picture no matter how hard they tried to do it, even rotating their phones several times.

Have you already figured it out?

Well, the answer is that there are actually two dogs in the photo. The dog at the bottom only had one eye visible in the picture.

The ‘strange’ dog above is actually just a normal dog whose body was turned away from the viewer. This dog must have noticed his human taking a photo because it would turn its head. Gravity had its hand on the dog looking strange, really, as its long ears were folded back and pointing downwards.

Just look closely and you will realize that the dog’s weird ‘eye’ (on the right) is actually part of its mouth. LOL. See it now?

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