Stranger Cuts Hair of Girl at LRT Station in Malaysia

Maintaining beautiful hair could cost a fortune; that’s why whenever something bad happens to their hair, a lot of girls get mad.

A girl from Malaysia got her hair cut by a stranger while she was waiting at the LRT Station in Masjid Jamek.

Her friend shared her horrible experience on Facebook, she said that the girl was just at the LRT Station when her long hair was suddenly cut by an unknown person. She attached a photo of the hair of her friend.

Image: World of Buzz

What’s even worse is that person took a huge chunk of her hair and put it in their pants pocket to make a quick escape.

The friend also warned everyone to be mindful that there is person who’s doing such horrible thing. The post had gone viral, people have been tagging their friends to warn them as well.

Image: World of Buzz

Some netizens said that the unknown person might be a pervert and the hair that was stolen might be used for other purposes. Yikes!

Some netizens are skeptical, saying that it might be a prank or fake because that the girl was already sitting in a chair of what could have been a beauty salon but people defended the girl saying that maybe the girl was already seated in the beauty salon chair to have her hair fixed. No one wants to go out with uneven hair, right?

We do hope that the girl feels better with her hair once it was repaired and that this incident won’t happen again.