Strangers Help Pay Medical Bills of Adorable Boy with Spots All Over His Body

While social media is sometimes viewed as the doom of many people, it has also been a powerful tool for humans to band together for a good cause. Take for example the story of a boy who had spots all over his body. Social media became a useful tool for him to receive treatment for his condition.

According to Good Times, Kacy Dworsky was born with spots all over his body. Some of the spots were smooth and flat but the others were rough and raised, making the boy looked like a rather strange Dalmatian.

Photo credit: Good Times

While the condition does not really hurt him physically, mom Stephanie knew that the boy would encounter trouble with his peers as he grows up. Indeed, while kids are known to be kind, they are also known to be brutally honest – and you can’t always say that bullying doesn’t exist because it still does, even under the watchful eyes of parents and teachers.

Photo credit: Good Times

Moreover, strangers would often stare at Kacy that mom Stephanie has taken to limiting their public outings so the boy wouldn’t be subjected to much scrutiny. She also feels guilty about Kacy’s condition but doctors assured them that it was really no one’s fault that he has all those spots and moles in his body.

Photo credit: Good Times

There was also no way that the condition can be prevented or even treated. The only thing they could do was have the visible ones removed or erased because the other moles they could easily hide with clothing.

Thanks to kind strangers on GoFundMe, Kacy can undergo these procedures and, hopefully, live a good life that won’t be affected by bullying.

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