Strangers Met in a Dark Room…They Were Completely Surprised When the Lights Turned On

We easily judge others based on their looks. We often make assumptions based on how they look, even without knowing anything about their lives. But what if we met them in darkness and had no idea how they looked? What assumptions do we make based on what they like, what they do?

Working on this premise, six strangers were brought into a dark room and “met” each other by sharing their interests. Using such information, the others made assumptions about how they looked.

For example, the rockstar guy surely had lots of tattoos while the guy who loves to read surely looks nerdy. And the sporty guy surely had huge muscles and great athletic physique! Similar assumptions were made about the others in group – all done in good nature, of course.

But when the lights were turned on, everyone was quite surprised that their assumptions were all wrong. For example, the guy who loves to read was actually heavily tattooed while the rockstar guy looked like your typical nerd!

Watch this interesting video here: