‘Strawberry Milk Oppa’ Saves Woman from Embarrassment Caused by Period Leaks

A Korean woman posted on Facebook a story of how she was saved by her seatmate on the bus from embarrassment after period leaks stained her skirt.

According to her post, she had an irregular menstruation cycle, and she happened to be riding a public bus when she realized that her period just started. To top it off, she was wearing a short skirt since she just came out from a photo shoot.

As she felt her period leak through her dress, she realized that she would not be able to get off the bus without embarrassing herself.

Image from Pexels

The man sitting next to her quickly understood what was happening. He spilled strawberry milk near her and handed her his jacket and some tissues, saying that he was sorry that he spilled the milk and that she should take his jacket so she could tie it around her clothes before she leaves.

He quickly gets off the bus, and the woman was not able to thank him for his kindness.

Her post became viral, and the man gained fame in the online world, earning him the nickname, the “Strawberry Milk Oppa.”

Soon, the woman was able to find her Strawberry Milk Oppa—the 21-year-old Kang Sung Hyun from Suwon, South Korea.

She offered to pay for his jacket and buy him a meal for his trouble. He declined her offer saying that she should buy him strawberry milk, in case they run into each other again.

As for Kang Sung Hyun, he instantly became ‘boyfriend goals’ and gained admiration from female netizens because of the way he saved a lady in distress.