Stray Dog Finds Abandoned Human Baby in Freezing Alleyway, Keeps it Alive Until Help Arrives

It is sad how animals can be more humane than humans at times – and this has been proven time and again with countless stories of animals rescuing people just by following their instincts.

In Argentina, a stray dog named Way has earned the praise of netizens after she saved a human baby from dying in the freezing alleyway. According to reports, the baby was abandoned by her 33-year-old mother to die in the freezing alleyway one winter night.

Having pups of her own, Way’s maternal instincts kicked in when she heard the baby’s cries; thus, the dog took the child as its own and kept the baby warm with her pups. The 1-month-old baby was later found among her litter by a woman named Alejandra Griffa who lives nearby.

Photo by Honest to Paws

According to Alejandra, she heard a baby’s cry that morning. Upon checking outside her house, she found the child with the puppies. She immediately picked the baby up and called emergency services so the child can be saved. Some netizens speculated that the child was possibly fed by the dog, too, considering that small babies require milk every few hours!

Thankfully, the baby lived. Although it suffered from dehydration and hypothermia, the baby survived – and that’s all thanks to Way. The hospital staff strongly believed the baby could have died in the freezing cold, if it was not saved by the stray dog!

The child’s mother was later caught by the police and charged with abandoning her baby and endangering its life in the freezing cold.

Watch the news report of Way’s heroic act in this video:

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