Stray Dog Thanks the Woman Who Feeds Him Every Day by Bringing Her ‘Gifts’

We all know that dogs are intelligent creatures and capable of showing their feelings to humans as well as other animals but one dog has impressed people with his extraordinary perception after it was revealed that he brings ‘gifts’ to the human who feeds him every day!

Now, there are a lot of stray dogs living in Thailand – and a kindhearted woman happens to live in one of the neighborhoods with plenty of these strays.

Orawan Kaewla-iat took it upon herself to feed these stray dogs as she pities their condition. This has brought her a lot of canine friends who come to her every day for a meal. One of these dogs began joining the daily feast as a pup.

Photo credit: Orawan Kaewla-iat / The Dodo

But the dog named Tua Plu was not like everyone else because he makes sure to bring Kaewla-iat a ‘gift’ every time he goes to her house to ask for a meal!

Now, all Tua Plu could ‘afford’ to bring are presents he finds on the ground, such as leaves and pieces of paper but he does it every single day that Kaewla-iat was pretty sure it was thanking her for the food she gives him and his mother.

Amused by the dog’s show of gratitude, Kaewla-iat took a video of him delivering his usual gift before he partakes of the meal. She shared it on Facebook where the post had gone viral, with views surpassing the 2.4 million mark in less than a week after she posted it!

A lot of people were impressed by the dog’s actions. After learning that he and his mother are strays, several netizens offered to adopt the two. We’re not sure if Kaewla-iat is willing to share her ‘adopted’ stray dog now that he’s gone viral but we’re hoping for the best for this grateful dog…

Watch him in action in this video: