Street Food Eatery in Bangkok Receives a Michelin Star

Jay Fai, a roadside restaurant in Bangkok known for its plastic tables and simple yet sumptuous meals, has earned one Michelin star and has been listed on the first ever Michelin Bangkok Guide.

The eatery, named after the 72-year-old owner, serves crab omelets, curries, and dry congee in the old Bangkok. The price, though, is not within the typical price range of food in a roadside eatery, costing no less than $20 per serving.

Image from Phuket Gazette

Jay Fai, the owner, cooks the food being served at the eatery over charcoal in an open kitchen while wearing her trademark thick goggles protecting her eyes from the steam. Though she is not familiar with the company behind the recognition, she is very proud of her restaurant’s achievement.

The Michelin Bangkok Guide was released last December 6 featuring the city’s 17 restaurants serving a mix of Thai and international cuisine, with each one receiving either one or two stars. The Guide describes Bangkok’s culinary scene being ‘diverse as it is surprising’.

Jay Fai is the only street food eatery which has been included in the list.

Image from the Phuket Gazette

The accolade received by Jay Fai came just right in time when officials of the city are trying to clear the streets of Bangkok. Street vendors are being pushed into an area similar to Singapore’s hawker centers.