Street Musician was Being Ignored by People… So, These 4 Adorable Kittens Watched His Performance and Kept Him Company

The life of street performers is certainly not an easy one – and there are times when they have to perform their best even when no one is watching because they just do not know when someone would come along because they were attracted by the sound of music they heard from afar.

Most street performers live their lives as buskers, asking for money in exchange of their performance. And while there are many people who would readily give these buskers some money, the practice might actually be outlawed in some parts of the world.

Now, in Malaysia, busking is not against the law and buskers like talented musician Jass Pangkor get to share their talent with the people in exchange for some money. But they aren’t always lucky enough with having a lot of audience to watch them perform.

Photo credit: Bright Side ME
Photo credit: Bright Side ME

On one such day, only a few people were watching Pangkor’s performance. But while most of the people who passed by ignored him that day, four kittens (about 3 months old) heard him singing and out of curiosity decided to go near and watch this person singing.

And so, he had an audience of kittens that day!

But because the people who passed by were amused to see the kittens watching him perform, pretty soon he had a good audience of humans – but the cats stayed until the performance ended. Some of the people amused with the kittens took a video of Pangkor’s performance and made sure to record his feline audience…

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