Street Vendor Forced to Use Savings after Daughter Quit School because She’s the Only One without a Smartphone

It is so sad that these days, a lot of people are so focused on trying to impress other people, especially on social media, that they are willing to splurge on stuff they could not really afford just to make others think they have money!

In Indonesia, a street vendor was said to have used his entire savings to buy a smartphone after his daughter allegedly quit school because she was ashamed as all her classmates had smartphones but she does not have one.

Photo credit: Social Pees

According to Social Pees blog, this vendor had to shell out IDR 6M or around $640 for the smartphone. He did it so his daughter would get back to school and have a better future – but while netizens praised him for being selfless, others slammed him for being ‘stupid’ and for spoiling his selfish daughter; however, it really is difficult to judge the man as he just wants his daughter to finish her studies.

We all just hope that she won’t let her father’s sacrifice go down the drain – and we’re crossing our fingers that she would not throw a tantrum and ask for an iPhone once the latest one is released! Poor dad…

Source :

Social Pees

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