Strong Quakes Create Mini-Tsunamis in a Pool, Nearly Drown Two Swimmers Who Were Unable to Get Out Fast Enough

Have you ever imagined what could happen to a swimming pool and the people swimming there, if ever a strong earthquake occurs?

In the wake of the recent earthquakes happening in Batangas, Philippines and other areas of the country, an old video taken during the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal has gone viral in the Philippines again as people are feeling afraid of the so-called “Big One” which was predicted to be at least 7.2 magnitude!

In this viral video taken by a CCTV camera focused on the pool, a group of swimmers could be seen having a good time at the swimming pool whose waters were what you could expect in a regular pool but when the quake struck, the pool was rocked back and forth so hard that the water became mini-tsunamis!

Screenshots from video by PANDEY Yogesh / YouTube

With the waves growing stronger with each passing second, the swimmers in the pool struggled to get out. But while most of them managed to do that almost immediately, two swimmers were unable to get out fast enough and nearly drowned in the huge waves!

The mini-tsunamis on the pool were made even more dangerous by the fact that the concrete edge of the pool and the force of the waves could easily break the swimmers’ necks or crack their heads! After a few more excruciating seconds, they finally managed to get out and run away as fast as they could. Whew!

So, when there’s an earthquake and you are in the water, get out immediately. You don’t want to risk this happening to you: