Student Goes on a Shopping Spree after Bank Error Makes Her a Millionaire with $4.6 Million in Account!

A student was surprised to discover that her bank account received a deposit of $4.6 million but instead of returning the money as was proper, she went on a shopping spree, choosing to buy luxury and branded items! Do you think she made the right choice?

Based in Sydney, Australia, Malaysian student Christine Jiaxin Lee received the $4.6 million deposit on her Westpac Bank account.

Upon discovering the deposit, Christine moved to a lavish penthouse apartment in the city’s affluent inner west district and went on a shopping spree, spending a whopping $1.1 million within just 3 months!

Photo credit: Facebook / Trending News Portal

She also went to expensive salons for luxurious treatments and filled her apartment with various luxury items. One of the shopping sprees at a Christian Dior store even amounted to $220,000.

Her rich life lasted 11 months before the bank discovered the huge error – but by then, she had already spent much of the money and only around $4,000 is left in the account!

When the cops began questioning her, Christine booked a flight to Malaysia but was ******** at Sydney Airport.

Asked why she spent the money, Christine claimed she thought it was just her parents who sent her the money to spend on whatever she wanted. But though the alibi is quite shaky, a court magistrate said she couldn’t be held liable for the bank’s error.

The bank did file a case against her and she is currently out on bail but it is unknown whether the case will hold water in court. The account has since been frozen but with just $4,000 left, the bank has surely lost most of the money to Christine’s luxury items – perhaps they could sell those to get back their money, instead?

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