Student Mistakenly Sends Cat Photo Instead of Essay to Professor, Gets Perfect Score

Students are under so much pressure most especially during their examination period. It’s overwhelming to see all the things they need to accomplish in a short period of time.

With the power of the internet, some school works are being passed through online classrooms or e-mails which is convenient since students can cram until the middle of the night to complete their school tasks.

But that would you do if you sent a wrong attachment to your professor?

Image: Alex Sparrow via Twitter

Twitter used Alex Sparrow is just like any other student who experiences last-minute cramming. Instead of submitting his essay about diversity in society, he attached the wrong file and sent it to his professor.

After realizing what he did, he shared to his Twitter account which immediately went viral and had been retweeted almost 100,000 times.

He made sure to keep his followers updated about what might happen next if the photo of a cat that he sent would get him into trouble.

Screengrab: Alex Sparrow via Twitter

He also let his friends know that he mistakenly sent a photo of a cat to his professor and he’s freaking out.

Image: Alex Sparrow via Twitter

Finally, his professor replied and asked if he could have the cat. He was also allowed to submit the essay, best part? He was given a hundred. The cat is now his professor’s wallpaper and will be seen in a future powerpoint at the end of the semester.

Screengrab: Alex Sparrow via Twitter

He seemed to be one lucky fella!

“Unfortunately the cat isn’t mine, I wish it was though! My teacher wanted to know about the cat and if she could have it but sadly, I’ve never known the cats true origin,” Adam told in an interview with Bored Panda.

Image: Alex Sparrow via Twitter

It’s really funny to see that there are people like his professor who are cool about their students’ mistake but the real question is, where did the cat come from?