Student Studies at the Back of a Moving Motorcycle, Gains Attention from Netizens

In our day-to-day lives, we often encounter different people who are busy with running errands and some students who are studying while traveling, reading books or handouts on the subway, checking their assignments while on the bus and on their way to school.

Recently, a student from China had caught the attention of netizens when she was caught on video studying at the back of a moving motorcycle. Wow!

Image: Next Shark

The video was posted by username Pear Video on the social media site Weibo. According to Next Shark, the video was taken in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in Southern China.

The girl was caught balancing herself on the moving vehicle. What’s more amazing was she was able to focus and keep doing her school works, writing on her notebook. She used the luggage compartment as the desk for her books. Impressive!

In the video, you could hear the person taking the camera commenting “She’s doing her homework, that’s a bit strict” as translated by Coconuts Hong Kong.

Image: Next Shark

Some are also surprised with the student’s incredible concentration but some are worried about her safety. A commenter wrote, “Homework is important, but safety comes first”.

This is a very inspiring video because the girl was persistent in studying. This video should be watched by children who take their studies for granted so that they might be inspired by this girl’s diligence and perseverance. Good job girl but make sure you will prioritize your safety as well.

Watch the video below: