Study Says “Pokemon Go” Brings Families Together, Makes Them Physically Active

Recent research shows that the favorite game Pokemon Go gives families a chance to spend quality time together while encouraging them to engage in physical activities.

A team of researchers from the University of Washington surveyed 67 parents and interviewed another 20 who are playing Pokemon Go with their families in a park in Seattle.

They found out that the interactive and mobile nature of the game made parents feel better by engaging in a game with their children that lets them move outdoors. Parents also said that Pokemon Go motivated the whole family to head outside instead of spending the day in front of a screen sedentarily.

The game, which requires players to go around, find, and capture virtual Pokemon creatures in different locations, gives them some exercise similar to walking the dog or walking instead of driving — the kind that they can fit into their lifestyle and schedules.

Playing Pokemon Go serves as a form of exercise for parents and their children.

One father reported that his daughter was able to lose 12 pounds courtesy of ‘Pokewalks.’

Amidst its health benefits, some parents raised safety concerns which include, but not limited to, the kids interacting with strangers. However, they do set some rules to minimize the risks.

The research paper is going to be presented in May at the Association for Computing Machinery’s CHI 2017 conference.

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