Stunning Grandma Loses 80 lbs through Healthy Diet, Without Avoiding Delicious Meals

Losing weight can be doubly hard for people who enjoy sweets, chips and unhealthy foods.  Some people also gain weight when they tend to overeat when they are depressed as means of coping with their emotions. But for this grandma who gained more than 200 lbs because of unhealthy eating habits, she worked full time to trim down her weight after losing self-esteem and found herself in life-changing diet which made her fit and fab without having to compromise eating delicious food.

Natalie Sutherland who was a mother to four happy children and a grandmother as well had weight issues since 2011 when she had fertility problems.  And in order to cope up with her depression, she would resort to munching on a bag of chips, eating sweets and other unhealthy food which served as her ‘comfort food’.

Photo credit: natpatsuz_sw_mummy/Instagram

When Natalie became pregnant with her youngest child, she had greatly enjoyed eating  which was good for her and the baby. Her craving for food even went on until she had given birth while being unaware that as each day passes by, she was just gaining more and more weight.

Until one day, Natalie claimed that she felt like an “elephant” when she reached more than 200 lbs.  She found herself tending to hide behind people on photos and avoiding mirrors so she won’t see exactly what she looked like.

Photo credit: natpatsuz_sw_mummy/Instagram

But it did not take her long until she decided she has to something about it.  Instead of feeling pity for herself, she realized that she had to do a life-changing move in order to enjoy the life that she wanted.  Natalie then decided to eat healthy food without compromising chances of eating the delicious ones.

Slowly and gradually, with self-discipline and strong determination, she began seeing positive and favorable results.

Photo credit: natpatsuz_sw_mummy/Instagram

Natalie recalled how hard it was to hide herself from the real world.

“I used to turn down invitations to go out. I didn’t have a social life. I could never find anything to wear because I would be disappointed. The clothes would never look like they did on the hanger.” 

“I was very unhappy with myself. I didn’t want to be touched. It was difficult to get dressed in front of my husband and to show any PDA.”

But all the insecurities disappeared when she started having a healthy diet.  In fact, she was so pleased with the results that she even shared her before and after photos on social media so she can inspire others who had gone through the same dilemma as hers.

People were even surprised that she gets to eat the delicious food that she wanted. Of course, for as long as they were the healthy ones!

Photo credit: natpatsuz_sw_mummy/Instagram

Soon, they started to envy the mouth-watering food that she posts on Instagram while on her journey to achieving her ideal body weight and shape.

Photo credit: natpatsuz_sw_mummy/Instagram

Natalie claimed she’s finally happy to be back in her own skin again after her successful  transformation from weighing more than 200 lbs to a stunning, sexy, fab grandma.

After all, not only did Natalie desire to have a sexy body but more on being able to enjoy life with her family for more and more years of living physically fit and healthy!