Superstitious Old Lady Throws Coins at Plane’s Engine, Delays Flight for 5 Hours

She was just trying to ward off bad luck and to bring good luck to their flight but an old lady had unwittingly endangered it, instead, by throwing coins into the airplane’s engine! It was a good thing someone saw her do it and the flight was saved.

The incident happened at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on China Southern Flight 380, a flight bound from Shanghai to Guangzhou, China.

While waiting for her turn to board the plane, the 80-year-old lady was seen on the tarmac throwing coins into the plane’s engine, much to the horror of those who witnessed her actions. The incident was immediately reported to the flight crew who called the ground crew to check on the plane.

Photo credit: Twitter / @Flight

All the 150 passengers had to be deplaned while the maintenance crew searched for the coins. The unnamed old lady, identified only to be of Chinese heritage, was temporarily detained for a few hours while the authorities investigated the incident.

She admitted that she had thrown the coins inside the airplane’s engine but that it was only as a prayer for ‘good luck’. The authorities had to release her a few hours later after it was established that she had no ill intention on the plane but was really just superstitious.

The ground crew revealed that seven of the old lady’s coins landed safely but the eighth got lodged inside the plane’s engine! Had the plane taken off with the coin inside the engine, the flight would have been doomed – and no one might be able to explain what happened to it!

For this reason, some netizens wondered whether such is what actually happened to doomed flight MH370 which was bound from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China. Did a Chinese passenger also throw some coins into the engine for good luck? Unless the missing plane is found, we might never really know the answer…