Supportive Husband Waves Chopsticks as Wife Sings

We all have relationship goals, many of which we can usually see on the internet.

Twitter user Rachel Dang posted a very cute video of her parents, with her dad waving his chopsticks in the air as her mom belted out a love song.

Screen grab from Rachel Dang via Twitter

On her Twitter account, she said that she heard her mom singing downstairs; so she went down and saw her dad waving chopsticks in the air.

She then decided to take a video of their sweet moment and posted it because she thought it was “funny and cute”.

Speaking to the BuzzFeed News she said “My dad told me that my mom was singing and he wasn’t paying attention, so she kept looking at him, and he realized that she needed him to be her fan while she sang. Since he was in the kitchen, he quickly grabbed a big stir fry chopstick to wave it like a flashlight while she was singing.”

Screen grab from Rachel Dang via Twitter

She added that her mom loves singing and often sings around the house. In the video taken her mom was singing “Em Khong La Duy Nhat” (I Am Not the Only One) which is popularized by Toc Tien, a Vietnamese model, actress, and singer.

Rachel’s tweet immediately went viral with around 123,000 retweets, 436,000 likes, and over 6.69 Million views.

Her parents know that they have gone viral and think it was hilarious. Her mother even joked that each person who watched the video should pay them $1. Well, some people actually donated.

Rachel’s parents, Bill and Kim have been married for 23 years. No wonder that their relationship got stronger over these years, we all need a strong support system. Kudos to this happy family!