There Were No Waves for These Surfers…So, They Dig a Trench in the Sand. The Result is Incredible!

In life, if you are faced with a situation not to your liking, what would you do? Will you turn away or will you try to find a solution to that condition?

Well, these surfers in Hawaii certainly chose the second option.

When then hit the beach, the found the waves too calm that they could not go surfing. Yet that did not prevent them from having fun! Together, they began digging a trench on the beach. Pretty soon, the waves were coming in and they were able to go surfing! Awesome, isn’t it?

Watch their fun-filled video here:

…and just in case you were wondering if they had made serious changes with the area’s topography, they actually didn’t! These surfers were simply reconnecting Waimea River to the Pacific Ocean, where it flows naturally. The mouth was simply filled with too much sand at the time; thus, it did not flow to the sea when the surfers arrived.

Oh, this is a common occurrence in Hawaii – and surfers love river surfing on the Waimea when the opportunity arises.