Surgeon Gets Caught “Sleeping on Duty”, Goes Viral for Doing 5 Surgeries in a 28-Hour Shift

Many of our doctors and nurses are overworked and have to do shifts longer than 24 hours, straight, just to meet the needs of the people; but we often overlook that as we try to press them to help us.

But while we can’t blame the patients and their relatives for pressing the medical personnel to attend to their needs as quickly as possible, we often overlook that many of these doctors and nurses work in long shifts and don’t get to eat on time just to save lives!

Picture Credit: Weibo / Elite Readers

One of these surgeons, Dr. Luo Heng who works at a hospital in Anhui province, China, was recently caught “sleeping on duty”. But instead of getting bashed, he earned praise on social media after people learned that the good doctor had taken a nap on the floor after doing five surgeries in a 28-hour continuous shift!

A lot of us wouldn’t survive not sleeping within a 24-hour time frame, with most of us already getting too drowsy to function well after 16 hours of being awake yet medical personnel like Dr. Heng regularly do these long shifts and only take quick naps in between!

Picture Credit: Weibo / Elite Readers

So, people praised Dr. Heng after his photo went viral. Many people also expressed concern over his health, especially if he continually does these long shifts.

Others were also concerned that doctors might not be completely competent to care for their patients if they are not fully rested as such could affect their ability to make decisions!

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