Surgeons Reattached ****** Survivor’s Leg Backwards… And It Is Simply Amazing!

Gabi Shull is a young girl whose right leg had to be amputated because ****** had gotten to her knee. But since she had perfectly healthy lower right leg, the doctors did something that is not really very common to do; something called “rotationplasty”.

Instead of throwing away her perfectly good lower leg, the surgeons reattached it to Gabi’s thigh but the most unique thing about this type of surgery is that the leg was placed backwards! Thus, instead of her right foot pointing forward, it actually points backwards!

While it might seem a little strange to look at, this backwards facing right foot is actually placed perfectly because the ankle turns into Gabi’s knee and could help move her prosthetic leg the best way possible. So, instead of relying on gravity and momentum to move her right prosthetic leg, Gabi can actually control its movements.

This allows her to walk with ease and even do incredible activities like dancing, running, rock climbing, and so much more.

Check out this video and be amazed by this girl’s courage…

****** survivor Gabi Shull explains Rotationplasty

In this short video, ****** survivor and The Truth 365 spokesperson Gabi Shull explains Rotationplasty. Please check it out and go to to Join the Movement!

Posted by TheTruth365 on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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