Sweet Husband Buys Wife Jewelries with Coins from Piggy Banks, Wives Tag Husbands on FB Post Wishing They Would Do the Same

For married couples, special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are among those they look forward to as it is the perfect time when they can let their spouses feel their love by giving from simplest gifts to the extravagant ones.  But of course, for other couples who might be experiencing financial difficulty; just by being happy together will already complete the celebration.

But for this wise Taiwanese husband, he thought of saving money in a piggy bank to raise enough money to buy his wife a special gift on her birthday.  It took him 2 years to save up waiting for the most-awaited day when he has to open it, hoping whatever amount he raise will suffice buying a gift to surprise his beloved wife.

The story of the very sweet husband named Wang Yongyou has been shared on social media by a jewelry shop in Taiwan who admired him for his dedication and love for his wife through saving coins in a piggy bank.  The post had gone viral after a few days, where many wives commended what he did and at the same time wished that their husbands would do exactly what Wang did because they’ve found him super duper sweet!

According to the Facebook post of Mahua Jewelery in Taiwan, one late night, Wang appeared at their store to look for a present for his wife whose birthday will be celebrated within a few days.

Wang expressed that he wanted to buy some jewelries only that his payment will be in form of coins. The store confirmed that they were willing to accept his coins and they wouldn’t mind at all receiving these as his payment.

Photo : Wang Youngyou/Facebook

Shortly afterwards, Wang stepped back on the store carrying two bulky piggy banks which were full of coins and so heavy that he almost wanted to just drag them on the ground. He then used a knife to open the top and poured all the coins into two containers where four of the store’s staff assisted him in counting them.

Photo : Wang Youngyou/Facebook

While counting the money, Wang shared how determined he was in saving for he really wanted to buy a special gift for his wife to make her happy on her birthday.

Photo : Wang Youngyou/Facebook

 “I have always wanted to buy a good birthday present for my wife so I got this piggy bank to save money. I fed the pig with coins every day and have been doing so for two years. Finally, I have saved enough!”

After counting all the coins, it summed up to RM 4,370 (US$1,300) which was enough for Wang to be able to buy some precious jewelries.  The store staff then helped him pick out a beautiful gold necklace and bracelet suited for his beautiful wife. He headed home right after.  When he left, the store staffs cannot contain their great admiration on him saying his wife was so lucky for having such a sweet husband like him.

Photo : Wang Youngyou/Facebook

As of this writing, the Facebook post still earns a lot of comments from wives who somehow envy Wang’s wife as their husbands were not like Wang.  They started tagging their partners on the post so they will learn what Wang did and hopefully do the same. LOL

Photo : Wang Youngyou/Facebook

Meanwhile, Wang also commented on the post expressing how grateful he was for their help in making his special gift for his beloved wife possible.

“I am very grateful for your help that day. My wife loves the presents very much and looks beautiful wearing them. A lot of banks don’t even accept coins but you guys even helped me pick out the perfect present happily. Thank you.” 

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