Taiwanese Court Allows a Husband to Divorce His Wife Who Only Showers Once a Year

A wife’s poor hygiene habits—taking a bath only once a year, brushing her teeth and washing her hair only when she feels like doing so—has led the court to grant her husband’s petition for divorce.

The unnamed husband has filed a petition for divorce before the New Taipei City District Court claiming psychological torture because of his wife’s personal hygiene practices. According to him, she only showers once a week when they were still dating.

However, things turned to worse when they got married. She showers only once a month and the frequency got lesser as time went by. Her bad personal hygiene also prevented them from having sex and, eventually, conceiving a child.

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The husband also claims that his wife forbids him from taking a job. Both of them were not working and the woman’s family provides for their needs.

He already moved out of their home in 2015 but decided to formally file for divorce after his wife appeared at his new job and told him to quit.

On the part of the wife, she said that her husband’s accusations were not true.

The court granted the husband’s petition for divorce citing that the couple cannot find a common ground on work, family, and hygiene. They were also living apart for two years, thus, their marriage would not work anymore.

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