Taiwanese Court Orders Son to Pay His Mother for Raising Him

In 1990, a woman with a surname Lo divorced her husband and decided to raise her two sons on her own. However, she thought about what the future holds for her when she gets older so she decided to enter a contract with her two sons.

The said contract stipulates that the two sons must pay their mother 60 percent of the profits they will make when they are already earning money. The two boys each signed a contract as soon as they reached the age of 20.

Image from Pixabay

However, the sons allegedly started to ignore their mother especially after they started relationships with their respective girlfriends. Local reports stated that the girlfriends even had their lawyers send a letter to Lo demanding not to bother her sons anymore.

So, she filed a case against her sons for refusing to honor the contract they entered with her. To settle the case, the older son paid her NT$5 million (US$170,000). However, the younger son argued that the contract was against good custom, and filed a countercharge against his mother.

The lower court ruled in favor of Lo’s son but she brought the battle all the way to the Supreme Court. However, the case took a different turn when it reached the Supreme Court as it concluded that the contract was valid.

According to the court, the younger son was already an adult when he signed the agreement and that he is capable of supporting his mother, now that he is working as a dentist.

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