Take a Look at the Most Luxurious First Class Airlines…The Amenities are Incredible!

These luxurious first class planes are amazing! Of course, you have to expect that the price tags are quite hefty yet a lot of people are willing to pay the high price for enjoying these extra comforts that you can’t find in regular planes or at the economy class.

Would you be willing to pay at least $13,000 for a plane fare just to enjoy extra comforts like having more leg room and privacy? Many would readily do that – but would you go as far as pay $43,000 for 2- or 3-room suite that comes with a luxurious en-suite bathroom, full bar with the best drinks, your own butler, and other incredible amenities?

For the price, many of us lesser mortals might say we’d rather take the economy class and use the remaining money to buy a new car or something else but these rooms are meant for the rich who don’t mind shelling of several thousand bucks just to enjoy the extra comforts these incredible rooms have to offer. After all, long-haul flights can be really uncomfortable and tiresome; it would be great to stay in a place where you can relax and not worry about anything else.

These first class airplanes are dreamy…