Taylor Swift Reportedly Buys a House for Pregnant Fan Who’s Going Homeless

While many people think that celebrities owe their fame to the public and must, therefore, be prepared to be at the public’s beck and call when it comes to stuff like taking photos and giving out free stuff, the truth is that these celebrities still have private lives to live – and people should respect that. You just can’t just expect them to stop for everyone who wants to take a selfie.

But there are celebrities who love to hang out with their fans. One of these is Taylor Swift.

She actually loves to interact with her fans, giving out free merchandise and readily posing for selfies/groufies with them. Indeed, while Taylor gets a lot of bad press, she still gets much praise from her fans who just could not believe she would be this down to earth.

Photo credit: Taylor Swift Updates / Twitter

The singer even posts free advice for her fans on her Tumblr page and readily interacts with many on her other social media pages.

Last December 15, Taylor’s group launched an app called The Swift Life. Using the app, fans can upload their photos and stories with Taylor, even memes! Then, they can vote for their top choices to send to Taylor.

One of the top stories getting much attention is that written by a certain Stephanie Waw who claimed that Taylor saved her from going homeless back in 2015. In her story, Stephanie wrote that the singer had a concert in Manchester, England at the time.

Photo credit: Taylor Swift Updates / Twitter

As one of Taylor’s biggest fans, Stephanie was there even though she was already 8 months pregnant at the time and in danger of losing her home. The two had met previously and had become rather ‘close’ but Stephanie did not ask Taylor for help. It was Stephanie’s mom who shared her situation with the singer, asking that the pregnant young lady be ‘made special’ at the concert with a mention or something.

Well, Taylor was invited to the backstage, given a refund for her tickets, and an offer for a home! The singer said she wants Stephanie to enjoy her life with her little girl without having to worry about where they would be living. Isn’t that sweet?

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