Teacher Catches Student Sleeping During Class, Lets Student Sleep Instead of Scolding Her

Most students have a hard time concentrating and staying awake during classes; most especially at stressful moments. Oftentimes, when students are caught taking a nap, the teachers will get mad and send the student to detention or call the attention of his/her parents to report the incident but for this high school English teacher named Monte Syrie, he had a different approach when he saw his student Meg who fell asleep in his class.

Instead of getting mad, he let her get some sleep.

In a series of his tweets, he told the story about Meg.

Image from Upworthy

He said that Meg didn’t use her time wisely and missed a class essay but she didn’t turn it in that night at around 9 PM.

“In a different room, Meg may have been written up for sleeping in class and given a zero for missing an essay, but she wasn’t in a different room; she was in my room,” he wrote.

According to the website, Upworthy, Meg is a good student who takes a zero-hour class before the normal school day and does farm chores. She’s under pressure with her social and academic life.

“I think too often the biggest thing that people forget about high school students is that they are kids. They’re kids- kids who are having to grow up way too fast and are having way too much pressure put on them, in and out of school… Even for our best and brightest, that pressure gets to be too much,” Syrie says in an interview with Upworthy.

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Syrie admits that he can’t control things outside his room nor offer Meg a math class later in the day, he can’t also feed Meg’s horses and he cannot 6 race-pace 300’s for her but he can give her a break.

“We are helping young humans — unique individuals — learn about themselves and their worlds. As such, when our young humans face the inevitable pressures of growing up, we need to respond with empathy,” he said.

Image from Upworthy

It’s really heartwarming to see that there are teachers like Syrie who understands the pressure students are going through. May other teachers be inspired by Syrie’s incredible perception with students.