Teacher Punishes His Student for Being Late Everyday… Until He Discovered the Boy Actually Works Before Going to School

Frustrated that one of his students was always late for school, one teacher decided to teach him a lesson by hitting his hands with a ruler each time he comes in late. This he does to also prevent the other students from copying the boy’s bad habit.

While this type of punishment is no longer acceptable in many societies, for the sake of this story, we shall let it pass. Besides, the more important lesson here is what the teacher had come to realize afterwards…

Now, the boy was always late; thus, he gets punished every single day. But why is this boy not learning at all and still keeps getting late despite the daily punishment he experiences? The teacher would soon find out.

One day, he noticed the boy riding a bike – and it kept us wondering why the boy is often late when he actually has a bike and could get to school fast. The teacher must have the same thoughts because he followed the boy.

It was then that he discovered the reason why the boy was always late for school: because he still had to work early in the morning, delivering newspapers across the town! Realizing that he had been wrong in judging the hardworking boy, the teacher had a hug ready for him in school instead of the usual punishment he gets from being late…

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