Teacher takes care of a newborn as parents recover from COVID-19

  • A teacher in Connecticut went beyond her duty when she received a call from one of her students’ mother one day
  • The whole family, including the teacher’s seven-year-old student tested positive for COVID-19 and they had no one to take care of their newborn
  • The teacher is taking care of the newborn while the rest of the baby’s family is recovering from the virus

Teachers are referred to as the students’ second parents because much of the learners’ time is spent in school. But a teacher in Connecticut stayed true to this role when her student and his parents caught COVID-19 and needed someone to take care of their newborn.

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Joy Colon shared how her friend and fellow teacher Luciana Lira received a call one day from the mother of one of her students.

“The woman was clearly distressed and explained she was calling from the hospital,” Joy said. “[S]he asked Luciana if she could come to the hospital [because] she had just been diagnosed with COVID-19 and she was about to deliver.”

Fearing that he will also test positive to the virus, the baby’s father asked the teacher to bring the baby home with her until they are sure he and Luciana’s student do not have the virus.

“Luciana went to that hospital that day to help… A week later the test results came back. Both the father and her student tested positive,” Joy narrated.

The newborn’s pediatrician praised Luciana for doing what she did, saying that if the baby went home, “the outcome would surely have been tragic.”

Luciana’s selflessness did not only amaze the pediatrician but her long-time friend as well.

Image via Facebook | Luciana Lira

“She had only known this family since the beginning of the school year, and it was only because their 7-year-old was her student. They were virtually strangers to one another. And yet, my friend did what truly good people do,” Joy said.

The baby’s family is still on their road to recovery and Luciana is still taking care of the infant.

“Essential workers are out there working every day… But this unselfish act reminds us that our humanity makes us all essential…to each other,” Joy said.

“The nurses at the hospital asked my friend if she was the mother’s sister, or perhaps, a cousin as she was listed as the primary contact, Luciana responded, ‘I’m just a teacher.'”

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