Technology can replace a lot of things, but never LOVE…

In our time today, though we admit it or not, technology plays a big part of our everyday lives. Especially in communication, technology provides a giant leap in creating and bringing a solution for communication obstacles and long distance relationships.

Sometimes, when we are too caught up with the wonders technology can bring us, we forget and neglect the more important things: relationships, family, friends, love—-human interaction.

DTAC, a mobile service provider in Thailand made this inspirational and touching video to remind us that despite any advancement, technology can never, ever replace love.

Being a parent is probably one of the toughest jobs,  especially if  it’s your first time. The commercial opens up to a baby crying and a clueless, possibly first-time father. The baby cries and cries, and the father gets his smartphone to call his wife for help but despite their attempts to make the baby stop crying, nothing seems to help.

Watch this video and see what the father does to make the baby stop crying—-it will totally melt your heart


With almost 12 million views already and still counting on Youtube, it ends with the tag line “”Technology will never replace love,”—-a reminder that we should never forget.

Have a great day, guys! 🙂