Teen Asked Mom for a Prince Charming Costume, So He Can Surprise Sister with a Snow White Photoshoot

Just like in any other fairytale love story, every little girl dreams of someday meeting her prince charming. The man who will love her deeply, will show her respect, shower her with love and affection, and will make her feel like a true princess.

But it’s not all the time that this happens. Unfortunately, some girls grow up with male role models who fail to show their little princess their worth, of how she should be loved and treated. But in this adorable story that we’re going to share with you today, that is not the case.

Photographer Christina Michelle,  from Cincinnati, Ohio is the woman behind the lens at Paint The Sky Photography. She’s also a proud mom to a 13-year-old son and a 5-year-old girl.

Just recently, she shared beautiful photos of her son and daughter as Prince Charming and Snow White but it’s the story behind the photo shoot that truly captivated the hearts of netizens.

Christina’s son, thirteen-year-old Anthony, wanted to do something special for his little sister’s 5th birthday, and it’s totally amazing! This week, Anthony made a plan that basically won the Internet and touched the hearts of many netizens.

He asked his mom for a Disney prince charming costume, and when his mom asked why he wanted one, the reason was extremely heartwarming.  He knows how much his soon-to-be 5-year-old sister Belle loves to dress up,  and so, knowing that his mom is a photographer, Anthony asked his mom if he could set up a princess photo shoot for the two of them.

Best Big Brother of the Year Award definitely goes to you!

The proud mom shared the touching story to Facebook,

“My 13 year old son asked me to get him a Prince Charming costume so that he could surprise his 5 year old sister with a princess photo shoot. If you can’t tell by my never ending princess sessions, I am a total Disneyphile! So when he got excited about sharing this experience with his baby sister, I was MORE than happy to accommodate him. We got together a few odds and ends, and tried to get all of the details perfect… right down to him shining his dress shoes the old fashioned way, with solid polish and an old rag. Once we had everything ready, he surprised her with her brand new Snow White dress.”

Credit: Paint the Sky Photography

Her daughter was delighted. Christina added,

“She loved absolutely every second of her photo shoot with her ‘favorite boy in the world.’ I don’t have to tell you all that, I’m sure you can see in on her face in every photo.”

Credit: Paint the Sky Photography

“Watching their bond as she grows melts my heart every day. I am so proud to be their mom, and beyond happy that I’m handy enough with a camera to keep these memories forever.”

Credit: Paint the Sky Photography

Many netizens were touched because Christina has such a caring son, a loving brother to his cute and adorable sister. I’d surely love to have a brother like him, too!

Credit: Paint the Sky Photography

This is my favorite picture among the photos taken:

Credit: Paint the Sky Photography

Aren’t they adorable? What do you think of Anthony’s surprise for his little sister? Share with us your thoughts and comments below.

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