Teen Enrolls in Women’s University for a Higher Chance of Getting a Girlfriend

An 18-year-old male from China recently went viral after he applied to a Women’s University in Beijing not only because he wanted to learn but because he believes studying in a women’s university will give him a higher chance of finding a girlfriend.

Because of the one-child population planning policy that was enforced in China, the country is one the world’s second most distorted sex ratio. In fact, there are as many as 130 boys for every 100 girls and some experts predict tens of millions of Chinese man will not be able to find a wife in the coming decades. Yikes!

Image: Oddity Central

His video of his admission interview was posted online with the permission of the university. He honestly admits that one of the reasons why he wanted to study there was because it is easier for him to find a girlfriend.

The Women’s University accepts as many as 15 men to enroll along with its 1,500 female students, every year. However, getting accepted into the learning institution can be quite challenging as a man. In fact, last year, the university accepted only one male student.

Image: Oddity Central

The 18-year-old passed the interview process and is working his way through the final stage of screening. However, his family is now concerned about his masculinity; since he will be surrounded by more females, it might affect his gender preference.

In an interview with Yangtze Evening News, he revealed that his father told him to be careful and his father doesn’t want him to change so much since he will be in an environment surrounded by women.

We do hope that he will pass the final screening stage and he could get himself his a girlfriend. Good luck!