Teen’s Ever-Supportive Grandpa Gets Hospitalized, So She Visits Him Before Attending Prom

Have you ever noticed how there are a lot of grandparents who are closer to their grandkids than their own children? In fact, a lot of kids often threaten their parents that they’d run away to their grandparents’ house during an argument.

Such relationships are really cute.

One teen in Florida recently became an internet star after she dropped by the hospital to visit her ever-supportive grandpa, before heading off to prom.

A senior student, Sianni Tirado was on her way to the prom with her boyfriend but wanted to show off her prom dress to her grandpa first as he had always wanted to see her dressed up.

Photo credit: Teen Vogue / Sianni Tirado

My grandpa was in the hospital on prom night and was upset he couldn’t see me all dressed up… So I went to him😭 “oh mama”,” Sianni wrote.

According to Sianni, while she knew that the old man was so supportive of her, she didn’t tell him she was dropping by at the hospital. Her boyfriend was the first one to get inside the hospital room so he could record the moment. Sianni wanted to keep a record of the beautiful moment as a lasting memory.

As soon as he saw Sianni in that lovely dress, the grandfather said, “Oh mama” and burst into tears.

His reaction also put Sianni on the verge of tears but she tried to make light of the moment, fanning her face to prevent herself from crying as that would have ruined her makeup. But she was thankful that she made the right choice.

Photo credit: Twitter / @siannitir

During the time of his reaction I feel like my heart was pounding out of my chest. Seeing him immediately burst into tears like that really made me feel beautiful and I could feel how much he loves me. Afterwards, I felt nothing but grateful that I made him happy,” she told Teen Vogue.

Truly, it was a priceless moment – and the internet agrees! The video has since been viewed over 1.41 million times, with many people commenting that it was truly among the sweetest things a grandkid could ever do to her grandparents…