Teen Found a Baby Abandoned in the Woods. 58 Years, He Receives This Wonderful Call…

It was a cold day in September 1955 when Dave Hickman found an abandoned newborn baby while out hunting with his grandfather in the woods of southern Indiana.

At first, Dave and his grandfather did not know what was making the soft sound they heard for it was not the sound of a crying baby but a soft cooing sound. While trying to search for the source of the sound, Dave saw a fence and swiftly climbed it for a better vantage point.

It was then that he found the poor child, wrapped in a towel and her lips already blue. She was soaking wet, too. The two swiftly brought the child to a hospital where she was christened Roseann Wayne by the nurses after no one came forth to claim her.

She was sent to a foster home and Dave bid goodbye to her.

But as the years passed, Dave would continue thinking about that little baby he saved in the woods. Looking for the child, now a grown up, proved to be quite difficult. For many years, the fruitless search went on… Until one day when Dave received a call from a law enforcement officer friend he had asked to help him find that girl.

It turned out his search was not fruitful because Roseann Wayne’s adoptive parents changed her name! Mary Ellen Suey – that’s her new name. The police officer also gave her a number to call and the two were soon reunited.

Mary Ellen would later say in their reunion, “It’s kind of like Dave’s my big brother I didn’t know I had.” Isn’t this wonderful?

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