Teen Nearly **** after Jumping from London Tower Bridge on a Dare

A teenager nearly died after acting on a dare and jumping from the London Tower Bridge. Shah Faisal Shinwari (AKA Carnage on YouTube), 17 years old, was hanging out with friends when someone dared him to jump down River Thames.

Since he’s also a YouTuber who enjoys sharing new things with his followers, he immediately agreed to the dare and asked his friends to film his feat.

Now, we have to warn you that you should never try this unless you’re a professional stuntman with proper protective gears and back-up, of course, as things like this could easily go wrong!

Indeed, the stunt went horribly wrong. While Shinwari was able to successful jump down the river, the 40-feet fall had looked most certainly like a belly flop. This had some effects on his breathing and would have caused pain in his stomach area.

Screenshot from video by Carnage / YouTube
Screenshot from video by Carnage / YouTube – WereBlog

The river current was also quite strong and it quickly led him downstream. As he tried to swim to shore, he must have gulped some of the river’s dirty water. Coupled with the pain from the impact on the water’s surface, Shinwari would soon slow down and shout for help.

Luckily, his friends realized he was not joking. They quickly helped him out and called emergency services who arrived to revive their friend. He was brought to the hospital and was quite lucky to have escaped the stunt without major injuries.

So, the next time some dares you to do something crazy (and most likely stupid), just say “No”. They may laugh and taunt you for being a coward but at least you are certain you’ll not get injured or even die by doing the dare!

Watch the video of the rather stupid feat here:

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