Teenager with Stomachache was Shocked after Doctors Cut Her Pants Off

There are a lot of misconceptions about the joys and mysteries sex among teenagers and young adults, leading to unwanted pregnancies and sometimes abortion.

In this video from Untold Stories of the ER shared by SF Globe, a teenager was brought to the emergency room because of tummy ache. She was accompanied by her boyfriend and father. She vehemently denied she was pregnant.

Asked whether she was pregnant, the teen said she wasn’t but the medical staff knew she was almost ready to give birth because the child was already crowning! They had no choice but to cut off her pants so the baby could freely push through the opening.

A few seconds later, the child was out and screaming. The shocked girl’s father quickly ran to check on his daughter when he heard the baby’s cries.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend was equally shocked by the arrival of the baby, telling emergency physician Kathleen Clem, it was impossible he was the child’s father because “you can’t get pregnant standing up”.

Watch the video here: