Teenagers Go Viral for Soaking in a Tub Filled with Real “Mac and Cheese”!

If you think that food is only good for eating, wait till you see what a group of teenagers had done with it. Madison Harper, Anne Henry Maggio and Ashley Randall are the best of friends and they have share a lot of things in their life. But this is something that we don’t see in most circles of friends.

circle of friends
Image by Buzz Feed

According to Buzzfeed, the trio bought a bunch of Mac and Cheese, cooked it and, no, they weren’t keen on eating it.  Instead, they went to the bathroom and filled the tub with the cooked Mac and Cheese!

mac and cheese joke
Image by Buzz Feed

The girls used a whopping 56 boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese to create their bath. They first cooked the noodles on the stove, like you would to eat it, then dumped them into the tub and used spoons and hands to mix in the cheese. Once the pasta was ~al dente~ as they say, the girls strapped on their swim suits and dove right in,” stated Mashable.

bad joke
Image by Buzz Feed

Once, they filled the bathroom with the Mac and Cheese, they got into their swimsuits and captured the whole thing on camera. They started sharing it on Twitter and people started laughing at them.

Of course, not all are laughing as some people felt disgusted when they saw the food being wasted.

We really just did it because we thought it would be hilarious,‘ Ashley said, while Harper added: ‘I think more than anything we were just proving to ourselves that we could make that much mac and cheese in a night.

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